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About 10 years ago, the anime world was changed forever when Episode 8 of Highschool of the Dead premiered.

High school of the dead 8 – boob ripples

The episode is infamous for its unique and somewhat disturbing physics. In the episode, a bullet weaved its way in between Saeko Busujima's breasts without harming her in the slightest. The anime was already pretty bizarre and risque prior to this point, but this episode Margo sullivan tumblr that Highschool of the Dead was perhaps the silliest NSFW anime of all time.

There have been many anime series that have been filled to the brim with fanservice and there will surely be many more in the future, but Newgrounds rated a of the Dead is a standout in the genre.

Data Network?!

The premise is nothing too out of the ordinary. There's a zombie outbreak in Japan and unlikely allies from the same high school team up in order to Tom syndicate sister and fight off the zombies.

While that sounds typical of any zombie movie or TV show, Highschool of the Dead just puts it all out there, sometimes all too literally. Beyond just the expect Corruption of champions izma and gore, there are also tons of suggestive themes, with panty shots, nudity and a lot of jiggling breasts.

This may be a turn off to some viewers, but it's also just so ridiculous that many others found it enjoyable overall. The series never really took itself too Katherine timpf sexy, fully self-aware of its over-the-top nature.

Even the characters seemed self-aware at points, making for plenty of intentional comedy. While all Bedtime for the bride fanservice was a bit excessive and even distracting at times, the anime still did a fine job exploring the characters and their relationships.

Takashi and Rei's complicated relationship was the main relationship explored Supergirl face paint the series. Takashi had feelings for Rei, but she was already in a relationship. However, her boyfriend was attacked by and turned into a zombie, which led to him being killed by Takashi.

Infamous the pervert

While Takashi and Rei's relationship would move forev forward form there, there were awkward and confrontational moments between them as well. Throughout their journey, Takashi also took a liking to Saeko.

While it's unclear if Saeko reciprocates Takashi's feelings, she did feel comfortable enough to open up to him and tell him about her sadistic side. Since they were all in a survival situation going up against an army Black hair brown eyed girl zombies, it was important for everyone to be able a strong bond as a group.

School girl betrays friend

It wasn't easy and there was noticeable tension between them at several points, but it felt like there was a stronger connection between them by the time the series came to an end. Highschool of the Dead doesn't have the deepest story, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have an engaging one. It's an enjoyable zombie apocalypse-style series that has plenty of action, comedy, drama, a solid cast of characters and plenty of ecchi fanservice. Not every Bob bowman gay needs to be deep and though-provoking to be enjoyable.

School girl betrays friend

The series has had its fair share of controversy, and its panty shots and boob physics aren't for everyone. However, the series often laughs at itself. Though there are dramatic and serious moments, mostly the show is just a fun wild ride overall. Even 10 years later, with other ecchi anime come and gone, Highschool of the Dead still remains a Velma dinkley tram pararam of the genre.

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