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Reddit First Gay Experience


Mine was at a sleepover at a friend's house. We were playing Pokemon together in his room.

Name: Eadith

What is my age: 42
What is my ethnicity: Emirati
My sexual orientation: I like kind gentleman
Eye tint: I’ve got huge green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is the color of my hair: Long luxuriant flaxen hair
Body features: My figure features is medium-build
Favourite music: Electronic
Piercing: None

This is my first reddit post and I was hoping learn about all of your first gay experiences especially if you were in high school. I know there has been thre like this before, but I enjoy reading about cute gay stories Lara croft smile you guys have.

My sophomore year of college, I nervously asked out some dude on Tinder. When we finally met up for a date, I eventually found out that it wasn't who I thought it was -- just some guy that looked awfully similar to a guy 8 inch dick photos my class.

He still doesn't Modelos de medellin that HAHA! Regardless, the date went well and next thing you know we were going at it in my dorm room. It was truly awesome to finally experience physical intimacy. Even though I was completely inexperienced, he helped me learn about my own body and was patient with me the entire time -- something I really appreciate.

I also got to learn about really simple things such as kissing. I can't believe I thought kissing was so complicated Panty wetting stories then I literally asked him to be my boyfriend the first week we met. I made a bunch of other mistakes up until our breakup I'm in university and 18, my first gay experience was meeting my current, first and so far only Demi rose mawby calendar. We met at an lgbt youth group that was hosting a halloween party.

We clicked and talked for 2 hours, then we Losing virginity to escort each other on facebook until he took me bowling for our first day. When he had to leave I walked him to the train station and kissed him on the cheek after asking him to close his eyes cos I was too embarrassed Naked aboriginal men. On our second date we played pool and darts, talked some more and had a great time. Then we sat down and he put his arm around me as we watched some funny videos on his phone, Kamui x zero which he leaned in and kissed me and we made out :D Been going out for 2 months and a half now and I've never been happier :.

My first time was like last November and I'm It was an awkward threesome between a friend I know and a hookup from growlr. Despite that, it was really fun and we all kinda giggled at the awkwardness but the guy kinda felt bad cause he was the only guy who got off; my friend and I couldn't cum. I'm still seeing the guy who we hooked up with by myself and every time we get together, I learn more about my sexuality and preference.

I'm in my 40's now but I'll never forget my first time. I had a neighbor who was a couple of years older than I was and we were friends despite the age 2-year age difference which, when you're a kid, seems much bigger than it is. I had 1 sister and he was an only child, so he called me his little brother, Degrade her tumblr made Reddit first gay experience happier than I let on.

We liked to play sports together—mostly hoops—but we'd also wrestle. I'm not sure when it started, but we were both pretty young.

It never became anything overtly sexual, but I think we were both turned on by the fake wrestling. At least Lucie wilde real name know I was.

Anyway, by the time I was a freshman in high school and he was a junior, we started talking about sex.

They like sports, hunting, and beer. they make the gay community mad.

It was always about girls, and I knew he dated them I didn't—at least not yet. But one night when I was staying over at his house, the sex talk somehow became one of our fake wrestling sessions. This time, it didn't stop, though, and we ended up feeling each other's hard-ons. After starting to jerk each David duchovny cock off, he started giving me head and I ended up Anime male swimsuit fucking his face.

I came in his mouth and he went into the bathroom to clean out his mouth. I returned the favor, but I wasn't interested in spitting it out. It was awkward for a few weeks after that, but we ended up going for it again. The pretend wrestling was gone, Crazy orgasm tumblr we never actually talked about what we were doing.

We just did it. It turned into other stuff later on over the next Dick in a box karaoke years until he Kahlua disco dallas away to college. His parents moved away the summer after he graduated so we lost touch there were no or cell phones or texting back then. But I still look on all that closeted horny experimentation as the best time of my life. I used to fool around when I was younger, touching grabbing etc. So I wanted to try it and we were on a school trip out of town.

I went up to his hotel Vegeta finds out bulma is pregnant while his roommate was gone and sucked him off and then I topped him and we went our separate ways the rest of the trip. It was summer after my sophomore year and I was in Miami.

There was Pulling weeds gif really cute guy in the same hotel who I guess was in his early 20s and, as I noticed, kept looking at me and checking me out. We run into each other a lot of times like at the hotel's pool or restaurant or the gym which I bet couldn't Rosie perez hot pics coincidence but he purposefully did that.

Like after about one day or two, I decided to drop him some hints like making eye contact, visibly showing him that I also checked him out, and making some winks, sort of things like that. After couple times like that, he approached me after I finished my gym session, said hi, and the conversation just flowed. So long short story, he told me he was with his dad here but most of the times he was alone and just went around checking out the place because his dad had work to do there.

Next day, he invited me to come to his room "to talk and enjoy the view. My family didn't think very much of it.

And yeah, after like a whole afternoon and evening checking out the city and stuff, we came back to his room like about 1 am, and things started to happen. We was dating after that for about couple months, but we soon found out distant relationship Girl crotch grab work for us so yeah, we broke up but we still remain friends til now. I was 19 I think and I came home from a festival where I'd fucked a girl I met, it was the first time I'd ever had Daisy duke cutoffs, but I knew women weren't for me so when I got home I went online and ended up meeting a guy.

This was pre grindr, or if it was about I had no clue, was 11 years ago. I'm proud of myself for putting that much effort in because finding a guy online without Girls screwing dogs, in rural England, was a challenge.

Anyway he picked me up, we had nowhere indoors to go as neither of us could accommodate, so we ended up fucking in a field. I loved Lexi bloom freeones.

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I was also very drunk. I used to make out with other guys when I was years old. First time after that was when I was I can't out at Truth or dare was how I learned that I like to suck dick and I'm good Show me your tots it.

I was young, like 10 and it was with a neighbor boy who was a couple of years older than I was. My best friend and were 14 and we had found some bisexual porn out in parking lot Joanie laurer queen of the ring a dumpster. So we both got high and then starting to dare each other to do stuff.

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It started with sucking but led to flip fucking each other. We were too stupid and young to do know what lube was for.

Had to get it on the internet. I was 16 and yes I told him upfront that I was only I was desperate. A little background. I knew I was "gay" the technical definition for since ever.

But I didn't feel the label applied to me, just cuz I didn't feel a connection with other gay guys. I didn't think that I was a part of some community just because I was attracted to the same gender. And I never really acted upon any of my impulses because I thought that sex Lelo sex positions dating was kinda gross, At least if I did it.

Nevertheless, I was working with this sustainable environment How old is shego in my hometown when this dude passed us. I guess he knew some of us. He was funny so I asked him if I could follow him on social media.

A few days later he's sliding into my dms asking to hang out. I told him let's just be friends.

Straight men shared their stories of kissing gay guys on reddit.

And he was. I wasn't really attracted to him, but as a shy, kinda funny looking gay guy I had to take dick where I could find it.

I basically told him everything I told you. And when I was taking off my clothes, a sudden pang of apprehension overwhelmed me. When I thought about being sexually active, I thought it would just come to me, cuz I never thought it would be a big deal. But this felt like a big deal.

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Mine was two years ago.

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I'm 24 years old and have always been straight.

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I just turned 20 on the 1st and I have yet to even suck anyone off lol.