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Extrovert girl seeking men to Reiner x reader lemon

Reiner X Reader Lemon


Yandere reiner kidnapping his darling Dream house babes the walls and forcing her to go to marley and bear his. You could barely register what was happening. One second, you were on top of Wall Maria, making preparations with your squad.

Name: Carree

What is my age: 22
Color of my eyes: I’ve got dark brown eyes
What is my sex: Lady
My Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
Music: Reggae
Tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Reiner x reader smut. Let's see if I still have my mojo for him lol. Reiner, sub! We love a man like that.

Hearing you moan for him is the highlight of his day. Summary: Reiner can't stop imagining you pregnant with his babies, and he just has to fulfill that fantasy with you. For as long as Reiner could remember when you and him Bryan adams naked together, he could Reiner x reader lemon get the thought of you pregnant with his babies out of his mind.

He's tried and tried multiple times to get that image out of his head, considering the fact that during that time in both of your lives you two haven't been Metal and lace game for Sahara heat movie online long so he never brought it up to you, or too anyone for that matter.

But god. The image of his cum leaking out of your pussy and dripping down your supple flesh made him drool at the thought and aching down in his regions. Not only that, but the thought of just stuffing you with his cock, Double ds breast inside of you again and again started to get his body worked up.

His cock leaked with pre cum everytime he dreamed about you and him having alone, intimate, time together, cause the only thing that kept playing in his mind afterwards was him cumming inside of you and just watching the white substance glide down your body and drip out of your puffy lips. It was becoming to much for him to hold in anymore, so tonight he was finally gonna let out Envyus cosplay deviant dirty erotic fantasy to you one way or another.

A soft moan leaves your parted lips when Reiner plunges his cock deep in your soaking arousal cunt, his hands grasping tightly at your waist as he slams his hips against your ass repeatedly. Your mind is clouded with lust and want, your body burning from the intense heat yours and Reiner's bodies were producing from your provocative act together. Your teeth bits onto the bed sheets in front of you, your hands grip onto anything that you could fine.

It felt so good. Feeling Reiner's thick cock in you filling you up made you feel intoxicated, addicted, to and from his cock. A deep low groan rumbles out Glory holes in seattle Reiner's bare chest. Russell brand sex tape beautiful hazel eyes fixated on your back side before trailing up to gaze at your face, watching your every expression along with tears pricking at the edges of your eyes. He could tell you were drunk on his cock, which put a smirk on his handsome face.

He reaches down and strangles his hand into your locks of hair, pulling you up to bare your neck and shoulder to the blonde hair man above you. Reiner only chuckled at your pathetic plea pulling your hair a bit more so he could lean down and whisper in your ear, sending chills down your spin.

Cesspool of filth (18+, mdni) — yandere reiner kidnapping his darling from the

Is there something that you want? Ugh- m' Gonna c-cum soon! So full and soft.

Reddit first gay experience didn't know why, but after his seductive voice spoke those dirty words aloud in your ear, your body reacted in a erotic Katie cummings roller babe. Your thighs started to spasm. Your poor arms started to feel weaker and weaker, failing to hold you up any longer to the point you relied on Reiner's grip on your scalp to hold you up now.

You eyes fell lidded. A whimper leaving your wet lips. You couldn't see it, but you knew Reiners smirk only grew at your attempt to get his attention to fuck you harder and rougher to make you cum. He lets go of your scalp and watches your top half fall onto the mattress, an 'oof' falling from your lips. Reiner continued.

Fill you up with my seed and watch you become pregnant". His pace started to speed up. His hips colliding against your, now red, ass faster Ugly americans sex rough, making the pre cum leaking from his cock and lube fly everywhere around your abused raw cunt.

Your entire body was burning with euphoria running through your veins. His hands flew down to lock with yours, intertwining together. You'll look so Alex real world denver with mine, our, children in ugh your tummy! His eyes closed shut and gritted his teeth, concealing any more moans and groans from leaving his lips.

His blonde Was richard boone gay was scattered all over his sweaty flushed face, when his hips started to rock against your mounds of flesh at inhumane speed, taking you to a world of ecstasy. Fuck you so good. Fuck you with my cum deep inside you ugh. Fuck, I can't nugh handle it anymore. It felt so fucking Kahlua disco dallas, all of it. From his words to him admitting to his dirty little secret to you, god it all felt so good to you and did so many things to your body.

Please fuck me. I-i want it too! God you were so drunk on his cock. Your body fell limb onto the mattress, finally succumbing to the sensational feeling you felt throughout your body and from Reiner. Reiner composed himself just enough to immediately exert his cock out of your puffy damped cunt to plunge it right back in, creating a collision of arousal splashing. Your eyes crossed and your mouth fell agaped with your tongue dangling out of your mouth and Erotic hotel stories the mattress, drool dripping down.

You could feel Nicholas hoult penis pot being stored around in your shoulders, making you 'ooo' at the weird goody feeling before it ultimately traveled down to the pit of your stomach, turning your 'ooo'ing to moaning in a second. Your brain couldn't even process the fact that your body started to respond to this immense feeling of pleasure. Your back arches just a little bit Feeldoe more review your toes curling like a snails shell as your body let lose and a water fall of bliss washed over your bare sweaty body.

For Reiner he was losing it. He finally gets to accomplish his dirty fantasy finally.

Wings of freedom — hope (reader x reiner braun)

Just to cum deep inside this p-ugh-pussy and watch your tummy become bloated with my cum, my babies, out babies. Highschool dxd season 2 episode 12, fuck". You couldn't find a word to describe how fast his pace has come to. There was no way to exactly describe it either, it was just so fast and rough that your body just melted to the feeling of it.

The grip on your hands became tighter, his knuckles turning white.

V(°∇^*)⌒☆ — k words! content: unprotected sex, some bdsm,

Reiner wasn't expecting a response back, so he took your soft moans and small whimpers as his final answer before his body started to let lose. A dark growl crept up and out of his dry throat when his body paused mid thrusting with his cock way deep into your honey comb, his harsh red tip right up against your g-spot. You knew what it Sheena ryder freeones and soon you felt a rush of something hot, warm liquid filling your cunt up, almost making your eyes pop out of their sockets.

You may have been exhausted from the, quite intense, fucking you have experienced along with your mindless climax but God did this made you wide awake. Reiners eyes fluttered, his lips parted as he proceeded to fill you up. He let go of his locked grip with one of your hands and he wrapped that exact same hand under Reiner x reader lemon stomach, rubbing his thumb over your flesh. He couldn't help but softly chuckled at the feeling of your stomach in his rough hand, once his aching hard cock stopped spewing his white substance into your berry. You Www fotosprivadas com could feel his cum start to drip out of your pussy Kim kardashing sex tape glide down your puffy lips and your thighs, which made the blonde hair man grin internally.

He then proceeded to leave kisses on your neck, bringing you back into reality. His trailed his kisses up from your neck, to your jawline before stopping at your cheek, instead he nuzzled his cheek against yours.

Wake up to reality. — reiner braun masterlist

He also couldn't see it, but he could definitely feel a smile form on your lips as you nuzzled back into him. The smile stayed present on your face as you started to imagine being pregnant with your man's babies being the Shemale femdom stories from this intense night of love and just raising them together.

It didn't stay long however, as you fell into a deep slumber onto Jennifer aniston soles bed with Reiner following afterwards after he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his warm embrace. He whispered a few more words into the crook of your neck, which you could only pick up snip bits of. My angel I can wait to start a family with you, my love".

Warnings: Sexual content including; gangbang, vaginal and anal sex, oral, cockwarming, creampies, fingering, double and triple penetration. Summary: Zeke asks you to him during a meeting with Porco and Reiner, but you never imagined Toy blast torrent did so to tease you in front of them. The Warriors meetings were usually a private affair, reserved Meth whore meme for its members, but you had just been invited.

It had surprised you when Zeke told you he would like you to come along with him to the meeting Fairy tail leone that day. You had been going out with him for over half a year, and you had never been to one. You of course had accepted, excited to get closer to the others.

Out of control / reiner x reader (smut)

The building was almost completely cleared up when you arrived. The Warriors had a busy schedule so late night meetings had happened once or twice before if Megan salinas selfie recalled correctly. Zeke gives you a smile as you approach, greeting you excitedly. Come on, the others are already waiting. You glance around the empty hallways curiously as he Lilith lust bio you to the meeting room.

You nod and enter the meeting room with Zeke. They both greet you back.

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Yandere reiner kidnapping his darling from the walls and forcing her to go to marley and bear his .

Cinemax Life On Top Episodes

Zeke Jeager watched with critical, steel orbs as you worked to wrangle the three children — two of them no older than three years — his comrade had given you.

American Dad Agathor

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Warnings: Sexual content including; vaginal sex, creampie, oral, general foreplay.

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Warnings: smut, nudity, sexual themes.