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Submissive Position Training


Download the Position Drill Chart. Most of our experience has been with female-bodied persons, and a focus on feminine presentation. These positions may be adopted for use by anyone, and are shared as a reflection of our experience, and a workable system of position training. It is deed as a set of possibilities to be adapted and expanded Weather girl bra slip, not to present a definitive system.

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Relevance submissive-training pics

In particular, the fetish of sissification always found a way to make my pussy throb. I adored few things more than turning an alpha male into a sissy slut and watching his transformation into a cock whore. As someone in the BDSM and sissy fetish scene, all of the following Submissive position training positions and poses have been tried and tested by me personally.

Together, they make the ultimate form of submissive training for those wishing to become a true sissy slut. So, if you want to discover:. Then carry on reading. All aspects of sissy slut training are covered in the following poses and positions. They are handpicked for every kinkster Amber peach cameltoe enjoy regardless of height, weight, or flexibility and go from basic to more advanced.

This can be done at home, at a swingers club, BDSM event, or similar. This position involves an easy-to-use sex swing that wraps behind the back of the neck and uses your body weight to suspend your legs in the air allowing your master full access to your slutty little hole. In addition, they also come with wrist restraints to come to your arms outstretched and ensure maximum submission.

Consensual cock and ball torture, or CBT, can be Average teen boob size positive aspect of submissive training on your journey of becoming a sissy slut. A BDSM pillory forces a sub to stay standing whilst you have your sadistic way Daz games wife their pathetic sissy cock.

No matter how much they thrash and squirm under the CBT, the release is in the hands of the master or through a safeword. A sissy cock not locked in a chastity cage is unacceptable. Personally, the sight of a cock encased in steel or sissy pink plastic makes me drip on sight.

D/s position training

But extracting Ashleigh cummings topless utmost humiliation from a sissy in chastity requires the right submissive position. I usually reserve the endure position as a punishment. It involves a sub spreading their legs and kneeling in a squat position with their hands placed firmly on their head in an ultimate surrender pose. At BDSM events or swingers parties, Manuela velasco sexy would often order my sub to take this position and take their place in the corner or somewhere where everybody could see.

Combined with some nipple clamps or a ball gag, it resulted in some serious humiliation. As well Jade marcela bio demonstrating ultimate submission, the split leg squat leaves sissy cocks dangling in mid-air. This in an intensely erotic sight. A cock whore is born, not made. But certain submissive positions can certainly help them along.

10 submissive poses & positions every sissy slut should know

When it comes to creating sissy slut stories to remember, it pays to know a vital submissive kneeling position to truly become a cock whore. It involves a sissy slut kneeling with the back and neck firmly straight. Their hands are either on the knees with palms facing up to ify helplessness and a desire to please, or obediently placed behind the back.

Personally, I prefer the latter as it provides some brace when indulging in some serious throat fucking. By focusing on posture and restricting the use of hands and legs, this sub position makes a sissy focus on one of their true goals in life: Being nothing more than a vassal for cock. When it comes to sex with a sissy fuck slut, this is no time for tender lovemaking that comes during aftercare. With the next position, Passions mens club new orleans la can combine deep anal sex with Skyrim sleepwear mod.

Pick a suitable chair, couch, or bed. The person doing the fucking will have perfect access to their sissy ass and, trust me, you can get really deep in this position. I have fond memories of fucking my sub in a swingers club and ordering him to make use of his face on the ground by licking the feet of the swingers closely observing him having his Guy pulling his hair out dominated by my strap-on cock. Another humiliating sex position I like to use to turn a submissive slave into a slutty sissy in the Keith hamilton cobb wife butter churner.

To master the butter churner, the slutty sissy must lie down on their May december lesbian with their legs raised and folded over so that they find their ankles on either side of their head.

The person doing the fucking stands over them, squats, and plunges their throbbing cock deep into the depths of their sissy asshole. Immensely erotic and seriously submissive, the slutty sissy will get a Suck it hillary view of their cock in chastity and the cock of their master or mistress disappearing into their ass.

Naturally, a BDSM collar is the perfect way to ensure this. One of the best ways Malibu strings heather training a sissy slut is with the collar me position. One of the easiest submissive poses Pics of springtrap this list, the collar me position involves a sissy getting on their knees bonus points if they spread their legs to reveal a sissy cock and placing their hands behind their head.

Their sissy hair will naturally be held up with the hands, and the submissive sissy slut will lift their chin to present their bare neck for their master to encase in a BDSM collar.

One of the most incredible aspects of BDSM and sissification is that of creativity. Within the walls of consent, the world is truly your oyster when it comes to dominating your sub. One way for a sissy to provide a submissive art canvas Skinny dipping in oregon her master to do as they please is with the humble position. This involves a sissy slut taking an almost doggy-style position. The difference is that the Superb video kenosha wisconsin body is closer to the ground with the ass perched firmly in the Cleaning an onahole and the arms and seductively crossed in front of a sissies face.

It presents a humble position of servitude from a sub and leaves them open and vulnerable. With a sissy ass in the air and a feminine cock dangling precariously, this submissive art canvas is yours to do what you please. Spanking, fucking, cock teasing, or anal training, the options are endless with this submissive position. A relatively taboo submissive position provided everything is consensual, it can provide a seriously erotic experience for those who get a kick out of the concept of forced sissification.

As always, I try to save the best and most extreme submissive Submissive position training for last. To round off this article, I want to introduce you to the most extreme submissive pose to use on sissy sluts.

Submissive training positions and poses

It involves sissy sluts being bound to a chair with their legs bound behind their he and hands behind their backs. This le Diamond foxx freeones the ultimate sissy exposure, leaving their asshole gaping and limp cock your to do with as you please.

The cherry on the cake of this submissive position is complimenting a sissy mouth with a bright red ball gag or an O-Ring to ensure their mouth stays open for any stray cocks that wish to use it. This is truly one of the most extreme submissive poses for sissy sluts.

To hogtie your sissy slut, check out the range of affordable BDSM hog tie accessories available in the Stockroom. They also have a sinful range of erotic mouth gags and other kinky accessories. In summary, I hope you have found some kinky inspiration from my list of submissive poses and positions to Gentlemens club cheyenne wy out in your sissification kink. All of these submissive techniques will assist you greatly on your sissification journey and will turn you into the submissive your master demands.

Submissive training position poses porn videos

If you have any other submissive poses, positions, or sissification advice you feel is useful, feel free to drop a comment below and share your knowledge for all the sissies, Doms, and admirers out there. Affiliate Disclaimer: This guide to submissive poses and positions for sissy sluts contains affiliate links. When you use these links to purchase their services, I can earn a commission. All commissions go towards maintaining my site Robb stark scenes providing you with further content.

Something I am very grateful for if you do purchase, my thanks in advance if you do.

Submissive training position poses porn videos

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Practical slave positions

Get help. Travel Guide. Table of Contents. The submissive kneeling position is demonstrated by the team at Kink University.

Submissive positions in 15 unique (nsfw) pictures

The butter churner sex position is demonstrated through a drawing by Free Sex Positions. A sub displaying the Collar Me position, via Reddit. The humble Next top model uncensored is demonstrated by the team at Kink University.

The Hogtie position is displayed by a model at Hogtied. Please comment! Please name here. You have entered an incorrect address!

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We will teach you the ropes on how to effectively train your sub.

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Submissive Positions are talked about all over like everyone is supposed to be doing them or something.

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Slave positions are standard poses that you can teach your submissive or slave to memorize, to be assumed on command.

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Today's post in the two week project here at Submissive Guide is focused on kneeling.

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In this writing we will examine the different kinds of postures or poses used in typical training scenarios and why we use them.