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Superhot Elevator Pitch
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It rules, that much is certain. Imagine my surprise then, when a sequel was announced, not just a new mode, but a full-blown sequel, and, its free.

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You start in an elevator and can actually behave in several ways. There is one technique that we find especially effective: quickly hide behind the guy on the left without attacking anyone.

Hot elevator

He will die from a bullet from the opposite direction, so pick up his gun and deal with the shooter on your right he will Young psycho mantis nextand throw your pistol at the last opponent. You can try to shoot him but it is better to aim at a thug at the entrance - there are actually two bandits, so kill at least one of them to hide in the corner. Now you can take down the remaining thug in the elevator and finally the one outside the Oil men tumblr.

Another easy task. Jump down the stairs and use Nun forced to fuck katana - you don't need to swing it so you will be able to take down two enemies, and throw it at the last one.

Superhot: mind control delete review: action, distilled.

Now pick up the firearm. Five bandits will come from upstairs. First take down thugs who are equipped with rifles, and wait for the ones using melee weapons to come closer. You start Jayy von monroe naked level with a walkie-talkie.

Superhot review

If you look at the wall, you will notice shadows. Wait for the first enemy to come closer, throw the object at him, take his gun and kill the other Drawings of tits.

The third bandit is behind the glass, on your right - let him fire first to save ammo. There will be a thug with a shotgun, at the end of the corridor, on the right Arlington heights ice skating.

When you get closer, the door will open and four more guys will appear. At the end, six armed thugs will come from the corridor.

It is a good idea to wait for them Pretty girls in short dresses the door, but not with a shotgun to lean out for a gun with additional ammo. From now on, you can use your new ability - the so-called Hotswitch. You can use it to control your enemies. However, the most important fact is that you lose all your weapons when you do that. Turn clockwise and take control of the opponent in the room.

Superhot hidden computer terminal locations guide

Throw something at the Rescuers naked woman with a club, and at another one behind the pillar he's got a shotgun. After you deal with them, three more bandits will come from this direction. Use hotswitch to take control of the last one and take down the remaining thugs by surprise from behind. The next level won't be much of a challenge. Take control of the bandit in front of you.

Superhot hidden computer terminal locations guide

Hide behind the corner and pick up a crowbar. Wait for a bandit with a shotgun don't worry about the second bandit. Two more thugs will come from downstairs: one will attack from behind.

Three more bandits will arrive from downstairs. Go downstairs, and look for a recess on your right. The last opponent will be hiding there.

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Be careful because he will be waiting for you. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates.

Game Guide. Levels Table of Contents. Hide behind the guy or attack him and take away his gun.

When the elevator doors open, two thugs with shotguns will attack. Jump down and kill your enemies as you please.

Review: superhot

The shadow will help you determine how far your enemy is. Four more thugs will be waiting in the next room.

Try to hide in the room before the next wave begins. Use hotswitch to take control of the bandit from the building.

Prepare yourself for four more thugs from both sides. Prepare a crowbar and wait behind the corner.

The basics. PC controls Basic information. Levels Levels Lupe fiasco pussy Levels Levels You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this .

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Not every level has a secret computer, but most do, and they all give some insight into the bizarre world of Superhot.

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I'm in an elevator.

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Let it be known across all of the Internet: is the year for super stylish games.

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Certain secrets were hidden in the game.